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Hi. I'm Ryan. Your Teamwork Coach

Does your team struggle with miscommunication? Lack of trust? Selfishness or insecurity?

Many teams are filled with good kids who are also talented athletes, ​but they haven't yet figured out how to lead well on or off the court.

Coaches are often left thinking, "I can see these kids' potential, but I'm not sure how to help them see it for themselves."

Coaching is hard enough already when things are good. But when athletes don't step up to the plate of leadership, the burden can become unbearable. Tulsa Sports Leadership knows that every athlete is unique. We equip coaches with the training and resources to unlock each athlete's potential, on and off the field.

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Who is Tulsa Sports Leadership for?

We serve Athletic Directors and Coaches of High School, Club, College, and Pro teams in the Greater Tulsa area.




Ryan has played and coached multiple sports at different levels, including overseas college basketball and professional football.

how can TSL helP?

teamwork sessions

Get regular teamwork sessions where we come and teach your team critical concepts and skills that will help them communicate and work together better.

coach communication

We’ll help you understand each coach’s strengths, weaknesses, and communication style so that your staff can work together and bring out your team’s potential.

player cards

We’ll unlock each player’s personality and provide you with “Player Cards” which contain information such as “how to challenge them,” “warning flags,” “how to build influence with them,” and much more.

and more!

Tulsa Sports Leadership is an official affiliate of Better. We help coaches and AD’s unlock their teams’ potential with The Better System. Find out more here.

Time to get better...

We utilize The Better System to help unlock your team’s potential.

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